Alfonso Bonilla


Multimedia designer and Colombian photographer with extensive experience, who has spent years doing research and experimentation around photographic graphics and the possibilities of expression with pictorial language through photography. Bonilla uses the technological tools of graphic design in combination with a particular exposure of the image, which through overlays and a subjective configuration of the composition of each piece, seeks to communicate its message, offering a reconfiguration of reality through each of his proposals that are of great chromatic richness.

His work dialogues easily with the contemporary public eager for images that move their day to day in the middle of the global screen in which we live. His current work is an unequivocal example of the hyper – modern time in which we live, and seeks to develop an ecological awareness of the waste used by man, so that it contributes to reducing the environmental impact of the planet. The benefits that are generated by recycling become a contribution to the environment. In that order, Alfonso Bonilla joins the global campaigns as a photographer and artist to raise public awareness through his proposal entitled “Art Recycling”, using his photography as a means of stimulation.

Bonilla with his language, as always, communicates messages that play with the memory of the individual. This is the cry of an artist who invites us to recycle and remember that we can, protect our oceans, reduce waste, save natural resources and energy, reduce pollution, preserve flora and fauna, and contribute to climate change.