Andrés Santo Domingo


Colombian painter born in Bogotá on April 20, 1957, studied philosophy at the Javeriana University of Bogotá where he prepared a thesis on the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche about the salvation of man through art, he studied music at Francisco Cristancho School in solfeo and harmony, and I study traverse flute with the master Jaime Moreno (flute of the philharmonic) I carry out studies and works for 10 years on handlooms where I develop theories about textures and color management for the realization of textile designs.

Later, he studied astrology and tarot and as a reaction to the theoretical part of life, he developed in his painting the whole mythological conception of life against the whole logic developed in his life so far, in the painting he found a space where it is feasible to give free rein to emotions. On the other hand, he has taken several workshops on Latin American and European art history with maestro Álvaro Medina, who has collaborated in the curation of the works for his latest exhibitions.

To think about the work of Santo Domingo, is to be transported to a new landscape concept in the beginning of the 21st century, which does not commune with the precise representation of reality, nor with the abstract samples that contain concepts without foundation. His proposal presents an image of the world with its own language, where each element that composes the work is like a written word, with its own brand, and that acts alone or in conjunction with others without losing its identity. He is an artist dissatisfied with the representation that is made daily of the landscape, his work contains a widely recognizable style and a very his technique.

Although Santo Domingo deviates from the normal parameters of real expression, it is not the only thing that differentiates its work from the traditional representation of the landscape, it is also the desire to show what happens in it, what it is as an artist and how human being. Navigating through its landscapes is entering a new dimension, an imaginary world where everything can happen, this is what really sets it apart from other landscape designers.

Santo Domingo immerses its audience in a fantastic world that lives in their thinking, what is read in each of their images depends on the person who observes them, the richness of their work is that two people understand them differently strokes, the same masses and the same depths, the artist makes the viewer see what he wants to see, his works of art are like a mirror in the mind of the observer, reflecting himself, it can be assured that the work of art, although it was painted by the artist, its concept is attributed to the viewer, which should not be suggested when observing it.

Taken and modified from the Magazine DeMente, No. 09, 2008.