Angie Ocampo


Angie Ocampo is a visual and visual artist from Cali. He began his studies at the Universidad del Valle and now completes his university training at the Faculty of Arts ASAB of the Francisco José de Caldas District University.

In 2015, he met the Bogotá Glass Factory and Museum (MEVIBO), where glass traditions and crafts are safeguarded, producing pieces 24 hours a day since 1834 without stopping. Angie, has worked as a community mediator for four years, where she has been inspired by the ex-officio teachers who have created high-quality pieces, through the replica in time of artisanal glass transformation techniques.

Ocampo attracted by the atmosphere and light of this place so strange and old, in which men change, generation after generation, but the ovens have not gone out in 185 years, generates a series of black and white analog photographs, of quite valuable, since they capture the process of a striking trade, but very likely to disappear.