Antonin Delvaux


Antonin Delvaux was born in Pau, France, in 1984 from a family of artists and travelers who have been his inspiration to develop his great passion, photography, art that has occupied his life since childhood and has allowed the fascination for the world that surrounds.

It was at the beginning of 2018, after spending many years in his photographic studio in Pau, he decided to make a change in his life, one that was more dynamic, with new space and adventures, leading himself to discover several regions of the world, many of them inaccessible but for him it does not matter, his need to know the people who live in these areas and to explore his surroundings take him to an experimental laboratory, where through his camera he freezes moments that are important for him and return them to us without artifice, as part of his worldview, a permanent search for encounters with different human communities guides him according to his impulses. The important thing for him is to be in the right place and time. permanent search for meetings guides him according to his impulses, the important thing for him is to be in the right place and at the right time.