(Visual artist)

Aurelio of Spanish descent, was born in France in 1967, where he completed his university studies in literature and foreign civilizations in the city of Tours. He began his professional career as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language, but at the same time he promoted his vocation and passion for art in a totally empirical way.  As he says: “I have no artistic studies, but literary studies led me to study other forms of expression, like painting and cinema.”.

Another of his passions is music, an area in which he has developed his talents through electric bass and drums. Since 2007 he has written a blog dedicated to creating album covers, considering their uniqueness, their beauty and the meaning of the images used, which has led him to make some short films.

His love for collage began when he was invited to a gallery exhibition, where he discovered this artistic technique.  Collage recalled memories of his childhood, a period when he made lots of collages, and launched him into his current work with collages.

Leafing through magazines is Aurelio’s “meditative therapy” – there is no activity that catches his attention more than this; nothing manages to distract him when he is looking at his magazines, because he knows that there is a whole enigmatic world of different themes for his creative power; he never knows what he is going to fall into, which can be magical and stimulating for his emotions. That is where his passion for collages comes from, isolating an image from its initial context, ripping it from its matrix and placing it in a new place, it gives life to a new idea – it doesn’t really create beauty, it recycles it.

The collages take him on a journey whose destination he ignores; his “success” and joy arises from the combinations of images. It is not chance or a specific objective that guides his choice, but the joyful association of images that – for aesthetic, artistic and cohesive reasons – makes sense to him.  His hope is that this process results in a relevant work that challenges and sharpens the viewer’s mind.

Jose Soto.