German Mendez

(Painter and sculptor)

Artiste plasticien de Bogota, German Mendez développe are travail dans les domaines de la peinture, sculpture et de l’illustration, il a également travaillé dans la publicité en tant que directeur artistique et a récemment participated à la mise en œuvre d’idées créatives de manière pratique (imaginaire) dans des projets. mis en œuvre dans des parcs à thème de Bogota (voir Travaux).

Méndez moves his audience with his world of color painting with the rigor of a well-treated oil based on earth-colored pigments and marble dust, as well as his technique, his theme has been exalted, where the figures gravitate between his paintings, beings as summoned from other worlds to inhabit the artist’s own world. No doubt his painting speaks of someone who knows the history of art, from Altamira (the caverns) to our time. Méndez has a visual eye that speaks and paints from the palette of a Rufino Tamayo and Francisco Toledo, teaching that America has its own color.

Currently, with the purpose of stimulating the observation of natural flora and referring to the rich treasure of nature, Méndez is developing a series of images composed of imaginary, organic and fractal geometries, which little by little have become an effort plastic to record in the memory and awareness of the viewer this triumph of life on our planet, increasingly buried by concrete and the atrocious barbarism of consumerism. Taking into account that looking does not imply perceiving, the artist intends to dissuade with his work anyone who has a minute of his time to contemplate what is around him so close and so close at hand but that nevertheless fails to see and appreciate.