Jean-Charles Gautier



Jean-Charles Gautier and his natural side in subjective abstractions

Jean-Charles Gautier is a French painter and sculptor, born in Brittany. He is a passionate man who is in perpetual search and is inspired by his surroundings, manifesting it in a contemporary way in his paintings.
Gautier pastes carved wooden bas-reliefs on the canvas with a perfect touch. The shapes and colors he uses come to animate the compositions and give them humanism in a subjective abstraction crossed by a surprising luminosity. Jean-Charles has a style of his own, a richness of composition that deeply convinces viewers of his art.

Gautier is a cabinetmaker by training, but inside he felt that he needed to expand his knowledge, which is why he decided to move to Orleans and enrolled in the School of Fine Arts. Once he finished his studies there, he moved to Paris, where he dedicated a year to discovery and reflection, and it is at this time where he found his great inspiration, the work of Dubuffet, and decided to dedicate himself to painting and sculpture, with perseverance and the perseverance of a master.

Currently, Jean-Charles lives and works in Saint-Briac (France), but because the art market requires it, he travels the world quite a bit. His works are exhibited in various European cities and his paintings belong to numerous private collections.

José Soto, director de SotoBis Gallery.