Nicolas Lozano


“Ruinas”, is the work of Colombian professional photographer Nicolás Lozano, a proposal of black and white images of Colombian landscapes photographed with the wet collodion technique. Many of these photographs bring to mind the ghosts of a faded glory, images of ruined landscapes that may well have been taken two centuries ago, uninhabited buildings, more stones along the way. Lozano is of that type of contemporary photographers who have returned to photography that ability to question the origin and destiny of the human being. In that interstitium that has always existed between the human, his conscience and the reality of the world, Nicolás has managed to filter and reveal images of modern ruins, which become disturbing reflections of the human being in search of its origin, his work being a brand in the world of photographs of lands, peasant houses and abandoned churches, covered with brush and forest.

Taken and modified from Punto de Fuga Bogotá. 2017