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When Simplicity Leads You to Recognition

The beginning of José Soto’s professional life was as a painter and he knew perfectly well that no one is a prophet in his land, it is in this way that he began his career far from his land (France) and began painting musical themes in black and white, since he was a great admirer… Read More

Environment and Art, Always go Together.

As is known, one of the objectives of SotoBis Gallery is to create awareness about art, which has a profound positive impact on people, therefore, societies and the environment. That is why we have decided to start this blog with topics related to art and the natural environment, and throughout the course to understand the… Read More

Movements in Perspective

With the opening of the art fair season, the optimism of both artists and buyers is reborn, some fairs are virtual, but some others are live, in the latter, it is where contacts between artists, galleries , and the amateurs have a whole conviviality party and the sales are made around a glass of wine…. Read More