SotoBis Gallery it is a nomadic gallery with a line of art artists, emerging, and photographers selected by José Soto. It also acts as a management, curatorial and critical platform. It is called a nomad because it does not operate in a defined or permanent space, seeking to function flexibly and without geographical ties, it adapts to the times and needs of the artists and founder; Without physical limitation, its commitment is to empower artists, place them in their career process, create audiences and encourage collecting in cities with limited exhibition and marketing spaces. In addition, SotoBis Gallery exhibits Latin artists in cities of other continents as it has certain commercial spaces of art, thanks to its numerous contacts.

SotoBis Gallery opened to the Colombian public, within the framework of the fifth edition of the BARCU Culture Fair, in the La Candelaria District of Bogotá on October 24, 2018.


José Soto

Born in Paris (France) in 1959 where he lived until 1984. Throughout his career, José Soto has worked as a painter, initiator of art fairs, manager of artistic connections, manager and promoter of different galleries. His work has always had a constant: managing and exhibiting visual art, expressing the emotion that the magic of art carries, to reach a higher dimension that allows it to be perpetuated in time.

José Soto began painting in 1984, combining his passion with the love of travel and adventure, he spent a lot of time selling and managing his art in France, Belgium, Brazil, Germany and the USA.

Subsequently, Soto founded his first workshop galleries, one located on the island of San Luis in Paris and another in Brittany (France). From Europe he moved to Mexico where he installed another workshop-gallery in Oaxaca, in which he produced more works for international fairs in Frankfurt, Miami, Berlin, Paris, Brussels and Dubai.

Among the most important designs that José Soto has developed, is his management and foundation of the FuturArt art center, with the Soto gallery in Brussels; the promotion of African racial art, through the Artrip project, which introduced European artists into African ethnic art, allowing a cultural and artistic exchange with local painters from Senegal; the artistic direction of Private View, and the Europart gallery in Asheville (USA). Currently, José Soto is promoting the headquarters in Colombia of the French foundation SotoBis with which he intends to promote a new intercultural approach in the country.