SotoBis Gallery se dedica a la exhibición y promoción de artistas con metas de exhibir su obra a un público nacional e internacional más amplio, con el objetivo de incrementar su difusión y desarrollar sus carreras.

Art exhibits

SotoBis has spaces where collective or individual art exhibitions are open to the public and present the work of artists from all over the world. We also have exhibitions in which we collaborate with other organizations in the country.

Advice for artists

Thanks to the years of experience in the art market in Europe and the United States, SotoBis has considerable experience, offering valuable advice for artists on a wide variety of topics, from practical recommendations of movement of art pieces, personalized research according to the profile from the artist to promotion and career development advice, as well as useful lessons for artists to find inspiration and their own unique voice.

Representation and artistic promotion

With more than 30 years of experience representing the talent of artists from France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Japan, Germany, the United States, Chile, Argentina and Africa, SotoBis gives artists the opportunity to show their work to a wide range of collectors and international art buyers. A call is made to ex officio artists or their representatives to register their portfolios at any stage of their artistic career.

The portfolios are reviewed by José Soto, the founder of SotoBis, whose extensive knowledge of the art market in Europe and the United States will favor artists who wish to promote their work and advance their careers. Please note that there is a fee for the review and evaluation of the portfolios, and in addition Casa Galería SotoBis charges a fee for its representation and promotion services.

Development, improvement and translation of portfolios

SotoBis Gallery offers consulting, development and translation of portfolios in English and French, according to the need of the artist, allowing this to expand the range of countries where you want to show your work.

SotoBis workshops allow you to improve and develop your creativity by learning specialized techniques in a practical format. Our workshops are offered by professional artists and are accessible to artists of all levels. For us, it is important to organize small workshops to ensure that each person can receive special attention. Artists learn in a supportive environment and are encouraged to fully explore their creativity and seek excellence, challenge the conventions of art, explore new trajectories in your practice and share your experience with the public.

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